Fix Process system isn't responding Error in Nokia 3/Nokia 5/Nokia 6

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Fix Process system isn't responding Error in Nokia 3/Nokia 5/Nokia 6-process system isn't responding-process system not responding.


I get the following error message/notification while try to access my new nokia 3 android mobile:

Process system isn't responding

Close app



This error "process system is not working" solution is common for nokia 5,nokia 6,because both are have same nougat android operating system.

This is the new method 2017 and this problem is mainly occurred dueto the large number of applications are running in background.



1.First of all click to close this pop-up window and once restart your android phone.

2.Now goto settings - Apps,here you can click 3 dot icon and click to "Reset app preferences".

3.Then you can locate "System ui" app and click to open it.

4.Here you can click to "Clear cache" and then again goto "Apps" section.

5.Now this time you can click to "settings icon" and goto "Special access".

6.Here you can click to open "Notification access" and here you can turn off all the applications.

7.Now again goto settings section and then goto "Storage" and then choose "internal shared storage".

8.Then you can click to open "internal shared storage".

9.Here you can click to "Cached data" and then once again restart your android.

10.After the restarting is completed the problem is solved.

11.Using this way you can fix android process system stopped working error.