Top 5 Most Secure Smartphones

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Are you worried about your privacy? Have you got important data that needs to be kept secure? Then you might want one of these super private phones designed to keep your sensitive information secure. From the fearsome looking Turing Phone, to the exclusive Sirin Labs Solarin, to the cool Blackberry DTEK50 and Silent Circle Blackphone 2. These top 5 phones will help you "go dark" and stay hidden from prying eyes. They offer features that aren't found on your typical phone, they offer high levels of encryption, app monitoring, and other high level security features to protect your sensitive information.

Turing Black Wyvern /> GSMK Cryptophone 500 /> Sirin Labs Solarin (Beautiful website)
Blackberry DTEK50 /> Silent Cirlce Blackphone 2 />
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